EE 780 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics (3-0)

Dr. Thomas Montoya Spring 2023

Lectures EEP 336- MWF 1-1:50 pm

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Chapter 1 Time-Varying and Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields

Chapter 1 notes (final?)-  EE680_780_chap_01_notes.pdf

Instantaneous and time-harmonic Maxwell Eq’ns Table_1-4.pdf

Time-harmonic Boundary Conditions Table_1-5.pdf

Time-harmonic EM Fields & circuit theory at AC steady-state Table_1-6.pdf

Chapter 2 Electrical Properties of Matter

Bohr model for selected atoms Fig_2-1.pdf

Electric polarization Figs_2-2_to_2-4.pdf

Electric polarization of dielectric slabs Figs_2-5_and_2-6.pdf

Static relative permittivity (dielectric constant) examples Table_2-1_er.pdf

Magnetization of slabs Figs_2-8_and_2-9.pdf

Static relative permeability examples Table_2-2_ur.pdf

Chapter notes thru section 2.2 EE680_780_chap_02_notes_pp1_15.pdf

Typical conductivity examples Table_2-3.pdf

Chapter notes, section 2.4 & 2.8 EE680_780_chap_02_notes_pp16_22.pdf

Chapter notes, section 2.9.1 EE680_780_chap_02_notes_pp23_34.pdf

Chapter 3 Wave equation and its Solution

Chapter 3 notes, part 1 (through 3.4.1)   EE680_780_chap_03_notes_pt1.pdf

Wave functions etcetera, rectangular coordinates   Table_3-1.pdf

Demonstrate wave propagation   Ex_fwd_bwd_wave_propagation.pdf

Wave functions etcetera, cylindrical coordinates   Table_3-2.pdf

Bessel functions of the first & second kind   Bessel_functions.pdf

Chapter 3 notes, part 2 (section 3.4.2)   EE680_780_chap_03_notes_pp16_23.pdf

Chapter 4 Wave Propagation and Polarization

Chapter 4 notes   EE680_780_chap_04_notes.pdf

UPW fields Fig_4-2.pdf

UPW standing waves Fig_4-3.pdf

TE & TM UPWs at oblique angle Fig_4-4.pdf

TEM wave in general direction Fig_4-5.pdf

Phase & energy/group velocities of UPW at oblique angle Fig_4-6.pdf

Lossy UPW traveling & standing waves Fig_4-7.pdf

Lossy media prop. constant, Zwave, l, v, & d Table_4-1.pdf

Chapter 5 Reflection and Transmission

Chapter 5 notes through section 5.3.3   EE680_780_chap_05_notes_pp1_30.pdf

UPW normal incidence at planar boundary Fig_5-1.pdf

UPW normal incidence at planar boundary example UPW_normal_incidence_air_glass.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (E-pol) at planar boundary Fig_5-2.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (E-pol) trans/refl coefficient at planar boundary Fig_5-3.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (H-pol) at planar boundary Fig_5-4.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (H-pol) trans/refl coefficient at planar boundary Fig_5-5.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (H-pol) at planar bndry example UPW_oblique_incidence_H_pol_air_glass.pdf

UPW oblique incidence (E-pol) before, at, & past critical angle at planar boundary Fig_5-7.pdf

Sec 5.4.1 & UPW normal incidence at planar boundary lossy UPW_normal_incidence_air_lossy_glass.pdf

Section 5.5-5.5.2 & Fig 5-11 section_5_5.pdf

Chapter 8 Rectangular Cross-Section Waveguides and Cavities

Ratios of cut-off frequencies of TEmnz modes to TE10z  Table_8-1.pdf

Chapter notes thru section 8.2.1  EE680_780_chap_08_notes_pp1_16.pdf

Ratios of cut-off frequencies of TMmnz modes to TE10z  Table_8-2.pdf

Rectangular waveguide field distributions for lowest TEmnz & TMmnz modes Fig_8-6.pdf

Chapter notes for section 8.2.2  EE680_780_chap_08_notes_pp17_23.pdf

Field & surface current distributions for TE10z mode Figs_8-7_and_8-8.pdf

TE10z mode UPW representation & phase/group velocities Figs_8-9_and_8-10.pdf

Chapter notes for sections 8.2.3 to 8.2.5A  EE680_780_chap_08_notes_pp24_40.pdf

Chapter notes for sections 8.2.5B to 8.3.2  EE680_780_chap_08_notes_pp41_61.pdf

Chapter 9 Cylindrical Cross-Section Waveguides and Cavities

Chapter notes thru section 9.2.2  EE680_780_chap_09_notes_pp1_13.pdf

Chapter notes section 9.2.2 through 9.2.3  EE680_780_chap_09_notes_pp14_26.pdf

Chapter notes section 9.3   EE680_780_chap_09_notes_pp27_39.pdf

Chapter notes section 9.5.1   EE680_780_chap_09_notes_pp40_56.pdf

Chapter notes section 9.5.2   EE680_780_chap_09_notes_pp57_67.pdf