EE 220/220L Circuits I

Dr. Thomas Montoya's Fall 2019 Section 1, 3-1 (4 credit hours)

Lectures: EP 254- MWF 2-2:50 pm;  Laboratories: EP 336- Th 8-9:50 am & 3-4:50 pm

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Chapter 1 Basic Concepts

Charge from current example -  charge_from_current.pdf

Passive sign convention example -  power_passive_sign_convention.pdf

Chapter 2 Basic Laws

Circuit reduction example -  circuit_reduction1.pdf

Another circuit reduction example -  circuit_reduction2.pdf

Chapter 3 Methods of Analysis

DC BJT transistor circuit -  dc_transistor_nodal_mesh.pdf

Chapter 4 Circuit Theorems

Thevenin equivalent to circuit w/ BJT -  BJT_circuit_thevenin.pdf

Find Thevenin & Norton equivalent circuits for circuit w/ dependent source -  thevenin_norton_dependent_source.pdf

Thevenin equivalent circuit & maximum power transfer -  max_power_transfer.pdf

Chapter 5 Operational Amplifiers

Datasheet for a TI LM709 op-amp -  lm709_TI_opamp_datasheet.pdf

Op-amp circuit using real LM709 -  LM709_op_amp.pdf

Ideal op-amp in circuit for real LM709-  ideal_op_amp_vs_LM709_circuit.pdf

Ideal op-amp circuit example-  ideal_op_amp.pdf

Non-inverting amplifier design-  noninverting_amplifier.pdf

2-stage amplifier w/ two inverting amplifiers -  2_stage_inverting_op_amps.pdf

Multiple op-amps example -  multiple_op_amps.pdf

Chapter 6 Capacitors and Inductors

Find equiv. capacitance, charge  & voltages -  capacitor_example.pdf

Find currents, voltages & energies for steady-state LC circuit -  steady_state_LC_circuit.pdf

Chapter 7 First-Order Circuits

RC source free-  RC_source_free_example.pdf

RC step response-  RC_step_response_example.pdf

RL step response-  RL_step_response_example.pdf

Chapter 8 Second-Order Circuits

Source-free series RLC-  source_free_series_rlc.pdf

Source-free parallel RLC-  source_free_parallel_rlc.pdf

Step Response Parallel RLC-  step_response_parallel_rlc.pdf

Power Supply Circuit Step Response -  power_supply_step_response.pdf

Chapter 9 Sinusoids and Phasors

Add sinusoidal voltages -  voltage_addition_phasors_time_domain.pdf

Voltage & Current division -  voltage_current_division_1.pdf

Voltage division -  voltage_division.pdf

Wye – Delta conversion -  wye_delta_conversion.pdf

Chapter 10  Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis

Nodal Analysis w/ voltage & current sources - nodal_analysis_1.pdf

Nodal Analysis w/ voltage source - nodal_analysis_2.pdf

Mesh Analysis w/ voltage & current sources - mesh_analysis_1.pdf

Principle of Superposition w/ DC & AC sources- principle_superposition_1.pdf

Principle of Superposition w/ DC, AC & dep’t sources- principle_superposition_2.pdf

Thevenin & Norton equiv. for AC circuit w/ dep’t source- Thevenin_Norton.pdf

Chapter 11  AC Power Analysis

Instantaneous power for R-L load - instantaneous_power_example.pdf

Real power- AC_power_1.pdf

Maximum power transfer for phasor circuits- AC_power_max_power.pdf

Power factor, apparent power, & time-ave real power- AC_power_2a.pdf

Power factor, apparent power, & complex power- AC_power_2.pdf

Power calculations from measurements- AC_power_3.pdf

Power calculations w/ loads in parallel - AC_power_4.pdf

Power factor correction - AC_power_factor_correction.pdf