EE 220/220L Circuits I

Dr. Thomas Montoya's Fall 2019 Section 1, 3-1 (4 credit hours)

Lectures: EP 254- MWF 2-2:50 pm;  Laboratories: EP 336- Th 8-9:50 am & 3-4:50 pm

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Lab Syllabus- ee220_lab_syllabus_fall2019.pdf

Lab Safety Document-   lab_safety.pdf

Professional and Ethical Responsibility-           

Link to IEEE Code of Ethics-   

IEEE Code of Conduct-                     ieee_code_of_conduct_June_2014.pdf

Presentation on Prof & Ethics-           professional_ethical_responsibility_rev_SP19.pdf


Laboratory Assignments














(Last lab! Turn-in at/by end of practical exam on 12/5/2019)

Technical Report  ee220_fall2019_technical_report_labs_10_11.pdf  (due at/by end of practical exam on 12/05/2019)

Practical Exam (Thursday 12/05/2019)

Time slots for taking the practical exam- ee220_fall2019_practical_exam_signup.pdf

Spring 2009 practical exam example- ee220_spring2009_practical_exam.pdf

Satire, irony, …

Punctuation guide/rules- punctuation_rules.pdf

How to staple papers guide - How to Staple Papers Properly.pdf

MATLAB Links & References (Lab #1):

Option 1  MATLAB installation instructions/tips- Go to F:\Dept\ECE\matlab\2016b using Windows Explorer.  Then, follow the instructions in the 'install_license_key_student_handout.rtf' document in this folder.

 Option 2  MATLAB installation instructions/tips- Go to F:\Install\MatLab using Windows Explorer.  Then, select one of the Matlab-Installer20YYx files.

[Hint: ‘/sdsmtshare’ is also known as the ‘F:’ drive or ‘\\speedy’ or shows up as ‘sdsmtshare (\\speedy) (F:)’]  Thanks Eric!


1)      MATLAB tutorial by Kamen & Heck- kamen_heck_matlab_tutorial.pdf  (86 KB)

2)      MATLAB tutorial by Carlson- carlson_matlab_tutorial.pdf  (118 KB)

3)      MATLAB primer by Sigmon (U of FL)- uf_sigmon_matlab_primer.pdf  (222 KB)

4)      Link to online tutorial on MATLAB by U of Michigan-

5)      Example m-file for a continuous time plot & data points- CT_plot_example.m

Resistors available in lab desks-  resistor_table.pdf


Links to sites explaining the resistor color code

npn transistor data sheets for Lab 5

Fairchild Semiconductor-  PN2222A.pdf

Fairchild/ON Semiconductor-  PN2222A_fairchild_ON.pdf

ON Semiconductor-  P2N2222A-D.PDF

PSpice Version 17.2 lite (latest version)

Zip file with PSpice 17.2 lite program & files-

Instructions on how to install the PSpice 17.2 program-  PSpice17_2_install.pdf

PSpice Version 9.1 info (older simpler version)

Self-unzipping file with student PSpice 9.1 program-  91pspstu.exe

Instructions on how to install the PSpice 9.1 program-  PSpice91_install.pdf

Instructions on how to use the PSpice 9.1 program-  pspice_start_version_9_1.pdf

PSpice manual/help files (*.pdf)-

Guides to using Oscilloscopes

rigol_ds1000e_oscope_short_guide.pdf                     tds2012_oscilloscope_guide.pdf

First-order circuit time-domain measurements example for Lab 10


AC circuits time-domain measurements example for Lab 13