EE 780 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics (3-0)

Dr. Thomas Montoya Spring 2023

Lectures EEP 336- MWF 1-1:50 pm

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Computer Project Assignments

Project 1-  Reflection and Transmission for Parallel Polarization UPW  ee780_spring2023_computer_project_1_par_pol_UPW.pdf

Project 2-  Reflection Minimization for Normally Incident UPWs ee780_spring2023_computer_project_2_UPW_refl_min.pdf

Project 3-  Frequency Dependence of Electrical Permittivity and Conductivity of Soils ee780_spring2023_computer_project_3_Debye.pdf

Project 4-  Attenuation for Cylindrical and Rectangular Waveguides ee780_spring2023_computer_project_04_atten_rect_cyl_waveguides.pdf

Project 5-  Rectangular and Cylindrical Cavity Quality Factor ee780_spring2023_computer_project_05_rect_cyl_cavity_Q.pdf

Short primer on the IEEE system for references/citations-  IEEE_reference_system.pdf