EE 483/L 583/L Antennas for Wireless Communications (3-1)

Dr. Thomas Montoya Spring 2018

Lectures EP 336- MWF xx-xx:50 am??

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Lab Handouts:




NEC Manuals:

nec2prt1.pdf   (Program Description- Theory, 87 pages)

nec2prt2.pdf  (Program Description- Code, 443 pages)

nec2prt3.pdf  (User’s Guide, 134 pages) ¬ important

Lab Assignments

Linear dipole-             placeholder

The Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC-2) executable is installed locally is nec2dxs1k5.exe (1500 segments) located at F:\NetApps\NetSoft\Nec_viewer.  To run NEC, you will need to bring up a DOS window on your h: drive by clicking Start®Programs®Accessories®Command Prompt then to execute (i.e., run) the program type: F:\NetApps\NetSoft\Nec_viewer\ nec2dxs1k5.exe <enter>.