EE 481/L 581/L Microwave Engineering (3-1)

Dr. Thomas Montoya Spring 2019

Lectures EP 253- MWF 11-11:50am

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Course Syllabus- ee481_syllabus_spring2019.pdf

ABET Course Syllabus- ee481_abet_syllabus_spring2019.pdf

Summary of topics for final- placeholder

Smith Charts

            smith.pdf                    s_smith.pdf                smith_z_y.doc            smith_z_y.jpg

            smith.doc                    smith.cdr                    smith.gif         smith_z_y.pdf

Handy EM equations from EE 381

vector_calculus.pdf             Vector calculus definitions and operations for 3 coordinate systems

cartesian_cylindrical.pdf      Conversions between rectangular & cylindrical coordinates

cartesian_spherical.pdf         Conversions between rectangular & spherical coordinates

Rogers Corporation Microwave Impedance Calculator (MWI)

Self-unzipping 2018 MWI executable (requires a login w/ Rogers Corp)-  MWI-2018-Setup.exe

2018 MWI Instruction manual-  2018-Microwave-Impedance-Calculator-Instructional-Manual.pdf