EE 381-01 Electric and Magnetic Fields

Dr. Montoya's Fall 2021, 3-0 (3 credit hours)

M 208- MWF 10-10:50 am

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Chapter 11 Transmission Lines-     


300_ohm_twin_lead_distributed_parameters.pdf – distributed parameters for Belden 9085


air_dielectric_PEC_coax_1GHz.pdf –parameters for an air-dielectric coaxial TL

lossless_RG6_473MHz.pdf – load & input TL parameters for lossless RG-6



tline_ckt_lossless_ex2.pdf (repeat of previous example done using MathCad)


TL_stub_example.pdf – Example of short & open circuit stubs equivalent to an inductor

Chapter 1 Vector Algebra-

triangle_vectors.pdf – examples of using position & distance vectors and vector products

Chapter 2 Coordinate Systems and Transformation-

cylindrical_carteseian_vectors.pdf – example on Cartesian « cylindrical vectors

spherical_vector_addition.pdf – example on adding spherical vectors

Chapter 3 Vector Calculus-

divergence_theorem_example.pdf – Divergence theorem example

stokes_theorem_example.pdf – Stoke’s theorem example

vector_classification_example.pdfVector classification example

Chapter 4 Electrostatic Fields-

point_charge_force.pdf – find force between two point charges

mult_point_charges_force.pdf – find force between three point charges

infinite_line_charge_uniform_pl.pdf – find electric field generated by a line charge

uniform_ps_disk_E_field.pdf  find electric field generated by a flat circular disk

uniform_ps_plane_D_E.pdf  find electric fields generated by a flat plane (Gauss’ Law)

uniform_pl_line_D_E.pdf  find electric fields generated by a line (Gauss’ Law)

finite_uniform_pl_voltage.pdf  find voltage generated by a finite uniform line charge

uniform_ps_disk_voltage.pdf  find voltage generated by a flat circular disk

finite_uniform_pl_E_field_from_V.pdf – find electric field from the voltage generated by a finite uniform line charge

uniform_ps_disk_E_field_from_V.pdf – find electric field from the voltage generated by a  flat circular disk

parallel_plate_capacitor_energy.pdf – find energy stored in electric field by parallel-plate capacitor

Chapter 5 Electric Fields in Material Space-

polarization_example.pdf – find polarization vector and bound charge densities for a parallel-plate capacitor

flat_dielectric_boundary.pdf – find fields & surface charge density on both sides of flat dielectric boundary

pec_dielectric_boundary.pdf – find fields near flat surface with surface charge density

tilt_dielectric_boundary.pdf – find fields & surface charge density on both sides of tilted dielectric boundary

Chapter 6 Electrostatic Boundary-Value Problems-

1D_Poissons_Laplaces.pdf – Electrostatic BV problem (Poisson’s & Laplace’s eqns) plus boundary conditions

parallel_plate_capacitor.pdf – Capacitance problem

spherical_capacitor.pdf – Capacitance problem

lossy_parallel_plate_capacitor_resistance.pdf – Resistance problem


Chapter 7 Magnetostatic Fields-

biot_savart_straight_wire.pdf – find B due to long straight filamentary current

biot_savart_Js_ring.pdf – find B due cylindrical ring carrying surface current density

biot_savart_J_bar.pdf – find B due to long rectangular bar carrying volume current density

Amperes_Law_coaxial_trans_line.pdf – find magnetic field for a long coaxial cable

A_straight_wire.pdf – find vector magnetic potential due to a long straight filamentary current

Chapter 8 Magnetic Forces, Materials, and Devices-

magnetic_force_parallel_wires.pdf – magnetic force between 2 parallel wire segments

magnetic_force_square_loops.pdf – magnetic force on 1 side of a square loop due to another square loop

magnetic_boundary_flat.pdf – magnetic boundary problem, no surface current density

magnetic_boundary_tilt.pdf – magnetic boundary problem w/ surface current density

toroidal_inductor.pdf – find inductance of a toroidal (doughnut-shaped) inductor

solenoidal_inductor.pdf – find inductance of a solenoidal (straight) inductor

coaxial_tl_inductance.pdf – find inductance per-unit-length of coaxial trans. line

magnetic_circuit1.pdfMagnetic Circuit w/ solid core (no fringing)

magnetic_circuit2.pdf Magnetic Circuit w/ air gap, analysis w/out fringing & w/ fringing

motor_magnetic_circuit.pdf Motor Magnetic Circuit w/ fringing