EE 381-01 Electric and Magnetic Fields

Dr. Montoya's Fall 2017 Section 1, 3-0 (3 credit hours)

CB 205E- MWF 10-10:50 am

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Course Syllabus- ee381_syllabus_fall2017.pdf

Course ABET Syllabus- ee381_abet_syllabus_fall2017.pdf

ECE TA tutorial help: TBD

Handy web page for evaluating integrals-

Handouts (no guarantees, check equations)- 

lossless_transmission_lines.pdf  Summary of various lossless transmission line equations

vector_calculus.pdf               Vector calculus definitions and operations for 3 coordinate systems

cartesian_cylindrical.pdf       Conversions between rectangular & cylindrical coordinates

cartesian_spherical.pdf          Conversions between rectangular & spherical coordinates

equation_sheet.pdf                Summary of the three handouts above

max_stat.pdf                           Maxwell’s equations for static fields

ee381_final_review_notes.pdf   Study guide for exams and final